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About Naofal Yoga

A yoga community that creates space for people to excel their lives. It is obvious, we are living in a busy world aiming to find a meaningful purpose and balance in life. Naofal Yoga invites you for a journey to a healthier well-being by taking the vibe of yoga and meditation into everyday life, we breath, flow and grow into from Busy to Balanced together with like-minded people.

Since many years back in time, the community around Naofal Yoga has been growing and spreading joy and meaningful connections between people. By participating in healing events such as yoga and fitness classes, workshops, courses and retreats you get to experience methods to excel your well-being, get the chance to expand your limits both phycically, emotionally and mentally and of course meet like-minded people in a growing community. Together we do this through yoga, meditation, breathwork and sound healing.


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