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About Naofal

Hello there, nice to meet you. I am Naofal, space holder and community builder living in the busy and beautiful city Stockholm, Sweden. I like to see myself as the urban yogi, a certified yoga teacher that uses the vibe of yoga and meditation and bring it in my profession as management consultant.

My big passion is people, I do so by arranging gatherings and events in purpose to allow like-minded people to meet, share and contribute to a higher vibe. Besides that, I am social and generously share my knowledge and experience in my classes, workshops and retreats. They are easy going, challenging and fun.

My background is in gymnastics and martial arts where I have been practicing and competing on a professional level. Sports that required focus on the balance between body control, breathe control and mind control. Exactly the combination I like to experience today and love relating my practice to.

First time I came in contact with yoga was  in 2005, it wasn't love at first sight but five years later the relationship to yoga and meditation grew and I discovered the difference and benefits it added in my life.

Since then, I have completed trainings in Ashtanga vinyasa, Rocket vinyasa, Yinyoga, meditation and Qigong. I use my skills and experience to share in my teaching.

Since 2022 I am proud lululemon ambassador. You find me teaching in yoga studios and events in Sweden.

I am looking forward to connect with you and hope to see you soon on the mat!

With love,


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