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About Naofal yoga


Naofal Ouazzani is an entrepreneur, IT-consultant, international yoga teacher, sound healer and lululemon ambassador from Stockholm, Sweden. His motto in life is to go from Busy to Balanced by taking the vibe of yoga and meditation into everyday life.

Naofal inspires people to a healthier well-being in a playful and challenging way through yoga classes, workshops, courses and retreats. His practice gives alternatives so it suits all level of practitioners.

His big passion is people, he does so by arranging gatherings and events in purpose to allow like-minded people to meet, share and contribute to a higher vibe. Besides that, I am social and generously share my knowledge and experience in my classes, workshops and retreats. They are easy going, challenging and fun.

My background is in gymnastics and martial arts where I have been practicing and competing on a professional level. Sports that required focus on the balance between body control, breathe control and mind control. Exactly the combination I like to experience today and love relating my practice to.

First time I came in contact with yoga was  in 2005, it wasn't love at first sight but five years later the relationship to yoga and meditation grew and I discovered the difference and benefits it added in my life.

Since then, I have completed trainings in Ashtanga vinyasa, Rocket vinyasa, Yinyoga, meditation and Qigong. I use my skills and experience to share in my teaching.

Since 2022 I am proud lululemon ambassador. You find me teaching in yoga studios and events in Sweden.

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